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Our association promotes the support of the art activity of people with special needs and organises training for the purposes. We pay attention to the youth that desires to work as volunteers. We engage volunteers in order to help people with special needs to socialise and adapt to life.

Training sessions organised:

For school graduates: 2013 “Active and creative way of life of mentally retarded children and young people, and seniors for improvement and promotion of the quality of their life in the Kurzeme region”. Program – EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. NGO Project Measure (2009-2014). Latvia.

For the youth: 2015-2016. Within the project “Dialogue in the atelier – involving volunteers in the art-based hobby education of children and the youth with special needs” we have trained 20 young people. The training took place under the moniker of “Be free, be willing”.

Special pedagogues Aet Urbas and Maret Rander gave an overview of the essence of special needs (behavioural disturbance, autism, study difficulties, Asperger syndrome, etc). Anneli Säre spoke about the principles of guiding a work of art when working with people with mental disability. Juta Tulev introduced the influence of sound, word and music on the human body.