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Who we are
Team of Loometaru

Who we are

MTÜ Loometaru is a VSA (Very Special Arts), John F. Kennedy Center, department in Estonia (www.kennedy-center.org).

Loometaru, first of all, is a society established for the art-based promotion of the youth with mental disability.

Our mission is to achieve the acknowledgement of the art attainments of disabled people in society. For the purposes we organise exhibitions of their works in both Estonia and abroad. We involve in our work educational institutions, parents, volunteers and mentors.

In summer Loometaru organises art camps.

As of 2008 people with special needs can take a professional examination of partial skills in the fields of applied arts and handicraft in Estonia. In the past years, however, examination requirements have become harsher and thus the obtainment of a professional certificate has become problematic. Loometaru tries to make professional requirements once again available for people with special needs.

In addition to various handicraft skills Loometaru helps to develop the social adaptation of the youth with disability.

Loometaru has attracted specialists with experience at work with the youth with mental disability that help the youth to adapt to work life and promote their social integration.