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Saori – literally from Japanese, “to weave by oneself”. Saori can also be called creative weaving. On small, comfortable looms one weaves with yarns chosen as inspired by a moment’s emotions, experiments with yarns of different thicknesses, combines them with tapestry and rya. Anything being a defect in ordinary weaving is an effect in Saori. Everything is allowed here; mistakes can be made as early as at reeding or twilling, not to mention weaving. We dare to recommend Saori to people with special needs whose creativity and courage to freely weave were as well as meant for Saori. Such weaving has a therapeutic effect, with hours going by flying.

More information: anneli@loometaru.eu



Clay is a most therapeutic material. It enables all sorts of shaping, subjecting itself well to a touch by hand. First soft, submissive, later hard as a rock, while preserving the touch by hand later. Pottery suits well for children, as well as adults, with special needs; they are capable of creating beautiful ceramics and small forms, as they are courageous players not being afraid of failure.

More information: anneli@loometaru.eu


Sound therapy

Music offers support for contributing to finding internal balance. In order to balance a mood as a momentary state, inward music therapeutic, or individualising, activities intermittently combined with activities with peers, or socialising activities, are used. A required change of mood will support teamwork, generates friendly attitude towards peers and contributes to the will of resolving differences, relieves tension and facilitates communication. The resulting positive way of thinking relieves from stress.

Music therapy exercises enhance the desire for self-expression and develop empathy and attention. It results in equilibrating, or balancing, the mood, which serves as a basis for socially acceptable behaviour, or socialising.

More information: jutatulev@gmail.com