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Spending leisure time comfortably is of essence at the raising of children. For the purposes we organise art camps where children with special needs can enjoy art-related activities and communicate with friends while being in nature.

2015. Art Camp at Randvere School in Viimsi Rural Municipality, 3 Spanish and 8 Estonians took part. In a children summer art and handicraft camp of MTÜ Viimsi Invaühing (NGO Viimsi Society for the Disabled) volunteers could apply skills obtained. The Kumen Foundation sent volunteers to the children camp in order to practice cooperation with Estonian volunteers.

6.08.-10.08 2012. Art camp for people with special needs in Orissaare. There were 20 participants. Kiigemetsa School, the Võisiku Care Home, the Kehra Social Centre, the Juks Centre, Viimsi Invaühing participated.